Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Large Volume Dealers

Large Volume Book Dealers

Welcome to the UHS Used Book Sale!

We have special procedures to improve your book sale experience:

Book Sale Rules

To ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy and profit from the sale in safety, the following rules will be enforced:

  • This is a Community Sale, we ask that all participants be respectful of one another
  • No hoarding of books; please only take what you intend to purchase
  • Do not break up sets or unwrap/untie bound sets; if you need assistance please ask
  • Please keep our tables orderly; put books back in their place as they are reviewed
  • Leave food and beverages, outside of the sales areas.
  • Supervise your children.
  • Keep the aisles clear and do not sit on the floor- someone may trip on you.
  • To keep the aisles more accessible, use only small 2 wheeled carts.  Strollers are permitted if you have a small child.

Check out Process

  • At the time of check in/registration, Large Volume Dealers will be assigned a number and corresponding caged area to secure your choices.  You must display your assigned LV Dealer tag during the sale.
  • Once you have made some selections, please bring your choices to the LV Dealer Book Drop Table.  You will need to present your assigned dealer tag and your book choices.
  • If you shop in our Collectables area, we will also have a LV Dealer table.  Please present your assigned dealer tag and your choices will be boxed and brought to your dealer caged area for you.
  • A student volunteer will place your choices into your assigned cage area and will be totaling your purchases and boxing up your books while you continue to shop.
  • When you have completed your shopping for the day, please come to our LV Dealer check out.  You will need to present your assigned dealer tag and your choices will be boxed for your checkout.
  • We accept cash or check (with proper ID). Starter checks are not accepted.  We will also accept Mastercard, Visa and Discover.  There will be a fee for use of 3%.
  • Discount available!  Any sales totals (excluding Collectable area items) over $500 will receive a 10% discount.
  • Once books have been paid for, they must be removed from the building.  You may re-enter the sale to make additional purchases.

Special Bag Sale Rules for Sunday (11AM to 3PM):

  • $10 per bag (cash only); Bags must be purchased from the UHS Book Sale.
  • You may fill your bags with any books you choose
  • Please be considerate of others who may also want books of the same genre; no hoarding of books
  • If any bag is overflowing you must purchase another $10 bag.
  • You may buy as many bags as you choose in the sale itself.
  • No other form of book collection- suit cases, metal carts, boxes are accepted into the Bag Sale at that time.


We have these rules for everyone’s safety and to make our sale an enjoyable experience for all our patrons, and to keep UHS in compliance with fire code regulations.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Questions? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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